“Peace begins when the hungry are fed.” -Mother Teresa Dear Wellwisher of hope, Greetings from Hope Public Charitable Trust. The COVID-19 pandemic disease has changed our lives for the foreseeable future, Fighting COVID-19 relies on us all. Please donate what you can to meet the surging needs for our elderly homeless and Special Children during …


Support during the pandemic

As Coronavirus threatens children’s rights across the world, including India, to ensure that the well-being of the most vulnerable. Hope chennai has been working with the most children to provide them better healthcare, education opportunities and protection from physical and mental exploitation. Support the Children’s humanitarian response for the worst-affected amidst the ongoing crisis Your …

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donation helps Us to provide shelter

Every monthly donation helps to provide shelter for us Hope chennai is a Registered Non-Profitable and Non-Religious Social Service Organization. We work 24/7 to serve poor and needy. Our passion remains in feeding the hungry, hosting the underprivileged kids, treating medical conditions of poor, sheltering the homeless, clothing the poor, educating the illiterates, Cleaning the …

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Help the needy children

Giving care to children who have nobody to care for them is the purpose of an orphanage. Usually, the children of parents, who are incapable of caring them or have died life with other relatives or friends, become a ward of the state. There are many charitable trust and organization that run orphanages and refuge …

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Help the poor orphanage

Coronavirus is not just a health crisis, it places them at urgent risk of losing their loving homes and childhoods to the neglect of an orphanage. These children are voiceless, forgotten and is waiting for your help and donation.. We hope chennai poor orphanage for Children needs your support to protect the vulnerable kids during …

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rehabilitating for bright future

To Starting Hope chennai there is main Aim is to solve all problems of Orphan Children’s. When we work for Orphan Children’s we decided to use all donation only for Children’s Growth and Progress of Education. All donor Help from Bottom of their Heart. To Provide basic facilities to children. To Provide qualitative education and …

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support, donate and stand with Us

CORONA VIRUS DID PUT THE WHOLE WORLD ON THE BACK FOOT, BUT NOT FOR LONG…. so here’s to all,  we request you to support and donate us and stand with us in “Bringing HOPE… Changing Lives” of the children of our school. From this simple beginning and with continuous support from individual donors, corporates and …

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provide for the Food and education

One of Hopechennai objective is: To provide for the maintenance and education of orphans and other unprotected and indigent children and to receive the custody of such orphans or other unprotected and indigent children and to place them in Hopechennai School for boys and girls established and maintained. Children are often separated from their parents …

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