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Join with us to Donate

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Hope Public Charitable Trust is the residential place for intellectual disabled children, this Trust is involved in social services for the past 12 years. It provides shelter, food, clothes and skill developmental activities and then this organization pampers God’s children as their children. Now, nearly 150 students have been admitted in Hope Public Charitable Trust this services have to reach the needy abandoned intellectual disabled children.

HOPE organization is ready to serve children, but there is a lack of space accommodation for those kinds of children. Due to this reason, Hope Public Charitable Trust has purchased a land at Annampedu near Pattabiram for constructing a shelter which has a capacity to accommodate nearly 350 children, so Hope organization requests you to show your generosity by Sponsoring building materials or by Money.

So please join your hands to donate us.

Pongal Celebration with God’s Children

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Pongal Festival celebrated with our God’s Children, Special mom’s and our beloved staffs in our Hope Special School at Ambattur

#Enjoyed# #blessed day# #Our God’s children#

Visit us : www.hopechennai.com

In the heart of every child is a hunger for home. Not just for food and a place to sleep, but for safety and community. Most importantly: for love. We are a family, where God’s love guides us all as we grow and expand year after year. Not just an Indian poor orphanage, we are a nearly self-sustaining organization; a working farm, a vibrant school. Take a look around and if you have any questions just get in contact with us to donate or sponsor us!

Horticultural techniques for Special Kids

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Hope chennai Special School for Mentally Challenged was started in 2003. It has been giving special care for the Children in education, attitude, personality and social and moral values, which is Recognized by Govt. of Tamilnadu.

Hope chennai orphanage has branched into many areas of work in the last years, yet, its central programme continues to be the rescue, shelter home care, food, clothing, health care, formal and non formal education for runaway street and working children (boys and girls), and offers counselling, and family tracing and reunification.

In hope public charitable trust used to train our students in horticultural methods, by making them into involve in horticultural method it makes our students to feel good and productive manner. Instead of teaching them in a classroom, it is a new exposure for students to acquire knowledge about horticultural techniques in an open space. So, our students prepared seed balls of Neem tree, Pongame oiltree, Banyan tree and Peepal tree etc. And prepared seeds will be used for sale in our home.

donate for poor child : 7358095515, 7639486340

Donate us : www.hopechennai.com

Support for Child Care

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HOPE foundation runs a children’s home in the name of hope charitable trust.

Our mission is to protect the children from the dangers of being ending up on the street. One of the many dangers are besides others, that it takes only minutes before a child who end up on the street to become a victim of an abuser.

Children are brought to hope Orphanage by the order of Child Welfare Committee. Police and public find the children who are abandoned on the street, public waste bins, bus stations, railway stations and hospitals. Some children are relinquished by their parents because of their inability to take care of them.

We at hope provide the children with round the clock residential care, protection, education, opportunities to heal emotionally and physically. The children are given medical care that includes preventive and curative care.

Infants and children come with a lot of requirements due to prematurity, malnourishment, infections, emotional needs, etc. Few of them are with special needs like cerebral palsy and developmental delay. The childcare staff work on three different shifts to provide round the clock care to the children They are aided with a nurse and a visiting pediatric consultant, an occupational therapist and a speech therapist.

Our present need is funding towards child care and maintenance of the shelter. Looking for your Support.

Medical camp for Kids

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ACS medical college at Chennai offered a medical camp for our Orphanage children, so, students from our organization attended medical camp as second batch. Therefore, in second batch out of 53 students 20 students attended medical camp on 28/12/2019 along with four faculties of our organization. During camp,students were met their medical needs. Our students undergone Hematological test, ECG diagnosis and blood grouping test. At the end of the camp, students and faculties received instructions to take care about health. Then, medical college offered lunch for students and faculties.🙂

Enhancing the team spirit

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On 28th Dec NCC Cadets from M.O.P Vaishnav College for women organized an event for our Gods children at Santhome Disabled Friendly park. There are our students spent their valuable time with lots of games and activities. So, NCC volunteer created an opportunity for our students to recreate their mind in peaceful manner. Our students involved in the sports events like basket ball, swinger, seesaw, ball throw etc. By playing these kind of activities it enhance the team spirit and dynamics among our students.

We Seek New Home

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Hope Gods Children seek a New Home. We all need your Humble prayers and valuable Sponsor to build a Home for Abandoned Mentally Challenged Children.

The New Home will be fully completed with special education class rooms, physiotherapy room, a medical unit, a vocational training center, dormitories, restrooms, pantry & dining room. A small garden & playground will provide a refreshing recreational space for our God’s Children. For more details visit our website and contact us…
Visit us : www.hopechennai.com

Sponsor for God’s Children​​​​

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The Hope Chennai are like a large family.

Most of the children have suffered severe trauma in early infancy and a lot of care is taken to ensure that the wounds and scars are healed. House- mothers, care- givers, volunteers, doctors and psychologists work round the clock to ensure that the children are well taken care and are empowered to have a bright future.

Apart from this, the focus is on education, sports and entertainment. Children who need academic help are given extra coaching. There is close monitoring to ensure that the children grow in a disciplined and holistic way. We are a large family going beyond biological bonds. Since every child is unique, they are motivated to enrich their talents. The birthdays of all the children are celebrated with much fanfare.

The children grown in here are never made to feel to miss their biological family. Undivided attention is given to them in all the areas that even a normal family may not afford to.

A secured shelter and clothing, nutritious food including milk and fruits and regular medical check-ups. We are looking for sponsor for these kids. When you donate, you don’t just donate. You create a future for a child that is less fortunate then you and you show those children that there is someone out there that cares very much for them. Together we can add joy to the lives of Orphans. Please contribute anything and share it to your friends and relatives

Looking for donation for Poor orphanage

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 Hope Chennai was started on 2009, Our motto to delivered maximum service to maximum people to the maximum possible extent. We attempt to provide a life of dignity to all. A life without distinctions based on ability, gender, age, caste, language, region, religion, race, class and nationality and opinion.  Our goal is to facilitate the expression of inner potentialities in those who have been variously marginalized through holistic ‘Human Making’ education.  We do not want to ‘force’ progress on the community, especially of the kind that is not sustainable and thereby handicaps communities even more.  In emphasizing basic education as the center of ‘community based’ growth, we provide a viable alternative to children for a better opportunity in life to fulfill their potentials.

All donations are exempt from income tax u/s 80G. We also need VOLUNTEERS. WE are the poor orphanage looking for sponsors.

Sponsoring an orphanage

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Sponsoring a child from an orphanage can be very rewarding. Often these children come from very poor background. Sponsoring provides them with opportunities that they would never have in their own surroundings.

We focus on the basics such as education, health, food and shelter. Our approach is holistic and our style hands on. We are on the ground, where it matters most for the child. We enable both families and communities. We have several grass roots initiatives.

Reaching out to marginalized children in need, empowering them, bringing smiles and making them future ready. Our Mission is to inspire and empower people to the culture of giving into changing the lives of the children in need.

We know the very best thing for a child is to be part of a loving family—it’s where they thrive. That’s why everything we do is designed to accomplish just that.

Our goal is a loving family for every child. Period. We believe that, together, we can change the way we care for children and help to get them into stable, loving, nurturing environments. We believe in them. We believe in a world that listens closely to children and gives them a voice.

We believe in partnerships, and with generous gifts from people like you, we can make their dream of living with a family a reality. Sound impossible? Thankfully, that’s just an opinion.