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Share your Love and generosity

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All contributions big and small are welcome. Your donation will help save and secure the lives of marginalized children. Make a one-time personal donation or donate through your trust or foundation.
Regular Sponsor enable us to bring predictability and sustainability to our programmes, which means we can plan and implement our projects better. This further means that deprived children get uninterrupted access to education, nutritional supplements, regular health check-ups and other benefits.

Hope Public Charitable – Outstanding NGO in the disability sector

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Hope Public Charitable Trust is proud to have been recognised as the outstanding NGO in the disability sector in South India for serving intellectually disabled children and it was acknowledged by
Mr.Anand Swaminatha chief executive officer APPI, Mrs.K.Leelavathy, IAS (Director, department of Empowerment of Differently Abled & Senior Citizen, GOK)and by
Mr.V.S Basavaraju (State Commissioner for Person with Disabilities, GOK) in N S Hema Memorial Award function today (4/10/19) and the Acknowledgement certificate was received by Dr.V.Nagarani Managing Trustee of Hope Public Charitable Trust.

We need your Constant donation and Sponsor for the Gods Children. Pls volunteer-with-us

Give wings to the hidden potential of our special moms

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“Give wings to the hidden potential of our special moms”- Roslin
A mother of 16yrs old Boy (Melvin Roy) He was diagnosed with Autism Earlier period of the child had delay in voice, speech and very much hyperactive.The child had the similar training in private clinic from 3 and a half years to 7years. Every beginning Melvin was admitted in School for primary education. There is no improvement so he was withdrawn from the school. Then he was sent to a special school for 2years and later on joined in hope special school before 3years. He likes music so much so always he repeats the advisement songs. In future they dream is to make him study some works regarding mechanic.
Though amul raj is the only person who earns money can’t afford for any therapies or extra activities to his child these all leads into financial crisis. Therapies offered by the special school had helped her to develop skills. As Melvin parents wants him to do his basic things so he can lead a better life like other normal children’s.😊😊😊
Support A Child & Mother

Support a child

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At the Hope chennai, we’d like to create a more personal experience for both our children and their sponsors. We believe connection is what our kids need most, more than money, more than gifts. They need to know that someone cares.

Please take some time to sit and browse through the our website, we do our best to update it regularly. There is plenty of information to see that we hope will bring you closer to understanding us, our orphanage, our goals and our dreams. If you are looking for volunteering information or volunteer work with our orphans please take a look at our visitors information section.

It doesn’t cost much to support a child in India. This may not seem like much money to you, but as you read on hopefully you will be able to understand ‘why’ and ‘how’ we can do so much for so little.

Sponsor for Diwali

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Dear well wisher of hope,

Greetings from Hope Public Charitable Trust. Kindly sponsor for our 160 God’s Special Children for Diwali occasion.
“We Wish a Happy and Prosperous Diwali to you and your family.”

Donate to Hope Public Charitable Trust.

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Causes That Need Your Help

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 Hope chennai is a regd Charitable Nonprofit Organization in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India working for the welfare and development of deprived street children, orphans, destitute women, and kids with special needs. Hope chennai has been working through its need-based programs focused on access to education, food, livelihood training and healthcare. We believe that all human beings are equal and has the right to have good health and proper standard of living.