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Celebrate with us in a poor orphanage

By March 25, 2020Blog

Celebrate with us in a poor orphanage

By | Blog

It is really good thought to celebrate the birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and such important days in poor orphanages, blind schools or old age homes etc. It gives the deprived one a chance to enjoy the evenings with good food and sometimes presents from the celebrities.

Nowadays this has become a fashion to celebrate such events in such places, making a show off and bragging their actions in public, uploading the pictures on Facebook, local channels and newspapers.

Last year I had an occasion to interact with some authorities in orphanages. They were of the opinion that the number of people celebrating in these places have increased and on many occasions on a single day many birthdays are celebrate. On such occasions students have to assemble and wish them and pray for their happiness and thank them for their so called generosity,

I personally feel that it is good to do some charity to such poor orphanage. They can donate money, calculators, books, laptops to students and warm clothes, dresses, medical help to old age homes or such other useful things. And authorities can fix some days in a week or month for celebrations and food.

We are poor orphanage and looking for donation or sponsor for our building construction in pattabiram. Thank you for the generous heart that paid for the donation.