extend Your love and affection to the children

To create the biggest impact Hope Chennai needs your help! Will you support this children home? You’ll provide food, clothing, and other necessities to kids who need it most!

Are you the kind of person who wants to invest wherever your gift will make the biggest impact? Give to Where Most Needed and your gift will always meet a need

Kind hearted and broad minded people can extend their love and affection to the children of Hope chennai Trust in any of the following ways:

Full Day Meal Rs.8,500/-
Breakfast Rs.2,500/-
Lunch Rs.3,500/-
Dinner Rs.2,500/-
Provisions For A Week Rs.12,500/-
Vegetables For Week Rs.5,000/-
Medical Expense For A Child (For 1 Term) Rs.2,000/-
Teaching Aids Rs.10,000/-
Salary For Special Educator For A Month Rs.12,000/-
Salary For Therapist Rs.12,000/-
Child’s Education / Medical For A Month Rs.1,500/-
Medical Camp Rs.15,000/-
Bag For Rice Bag 75 Kg Rs.3,000/-
Kitchen Equipment Rs.25,000/-
Bookshelf & Cupboards Rs.35,000/-
Used Two Vehicles Rs.25,000/-
Used Autos Rs.1,40,000/-
Hearing Aids Rs.5,500/-

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