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Give a helping hand to help our organization

By February 11, 2020Blog

Give a helping hand to help our organization

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Donate Generously and give a helping hand to help our organization.

Hopechennai works towards the welfare of Special and orphaned children and provide them with good education, health, nutrition and rehabilitate them in the society.

Hopechennai aims to bring shelter to the kids fighting their lives against society. These kids are put here at the age when they shall rather be comforting their dreams in the gentle lap of their mother.

In fact most of them have never known any family. Aware of the battle with the enemy which dwells within their skin, they manage to take out some time to go to school, to smile, and to teach us a lesson of love. They ensure to empower children by maximizing their potential and enabling them to become confident and self reliant. They offer them vocational training to rehabilitate them in the community

HOPE organization is ready to serve children, but there is a lack of space accommodation for those kinds of children. Due to this reason, Hope Public Charitable Trust has purchased a land at Annampedu near Pattabiram for constructing a shelter which has a capacity to accommodate nearly 350 children, so Hope organization requests you to show your generosity by Sponsoring building materials or by Money.