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Looking for donation for Poor orphanage

By December 23, 2019Blog

Looking for donation for Poor orphanage

By | Blog

 Hope Chennai was started on 2009, Our motto to delivered maximum service to maximum people to the maximum possible extent. We attempt to provide a life of dignity to all. A life without distinctions based on ability, gender, age, caste, language, region, religion, race, class and nationality and opinion.  Our goal is to facilitate the expression of inner potentialities in those who have been variously marginalized through holistic ‘Human Making’ education.  We do not want to ‘force’ progress on the community, especially of the kind that is not sustainable and thereby handicaps communities even more.  In emphasizing basic education as the center of ‘community based’ growth, we provide a viable alternative to children for a better opportunity in life to fulfill their potentials.

All donations are exempt from income tax u/s 80G. We also need VOLUNTEERS. WE are the poor orphanage looking for sponsors.