MAHLA (Mothers Access Health Livelihood Advocacy)

This project supports the mothers of the children exists with Intellect Disability, to promote them towards comprehensive health, education and socio-economical standard. There are 30 mothers as full time beneficiary by this project, receive Income Generation trainings. Tailoring, Embroidery, Beautician Course and Jewel making and marketing.

  • Build Awareness of business innovation that accelerate mother's of the special children to enhance the quality of life.
  • Identify key actions to address the financing gap and empower the mothers.


Children with development disabilities or mental disabilities hail from low socio economic background. Most families are single income households with an average income of below Rs. 8000 where they have to manage cost.

Mothers of these children are involved in handicraft training, Tailoring, school activities to learn care management and special techniques to avoid behavioral problems and hence the mothers of special children gets an employment opportunity in the trained field so they can meet the needs of the family.

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