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Serve for the up-liftment of Kids

By January 27, 2020Blog

Serve for the up-liftment of Kids

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Hope Charitable trust a non-profit organization established in 2007 at Chennai with a Mission reach the lives of the downtrodden children irrespective of their Religion, Caste & Community and to work towards the up-liftment of those children. The Hope Charitable trust serves towards the establishment of the rights of the children. Provide them Shelter, Food and Proper Education. Education is the major activity of the trust in addition to this; systematic empowerment of the rural communities particularly the women is also a key area of Hope Charitable trust.

Education is the most powerful element. The Hope Charitable trust give opportunity to the poor and needy children’s to learn good education. Now, nearly 150 students
have been admitted in Hope Public Charitable Trust and this services have to reach the needy abandoned. It is never to late make a difference. All you have to do is take action. Learn who to call for help and how the process works, donate to improve our support systems, volunteer your time or simply spread awareness. It all counts!