Needs of Land & Building for Shelter Home of Abandoned Children

Come help us with your little contribution
We care, protect, Shelter and rehabilitate children with special needs.
But space being the biggest constraint, we return our new entrants with
heavy heart. Your small support can help us construct a home.
Be a part of tomorrow change.

Contribute to make a desirable Change

1 sqft Rs. 2582/-
5 sqft Rs. 12000/-
10 sqft Rs. 25,500/-
15 sqft Rs. 38600/-

What Our Sponsor Are Saying

I gave small gifts

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Last time I celebrated my Birth Day at Hope Special School for the mentally challenged. All the children in the school sang Birth Day song and praised me. I distributed cake pieces to all the Children and the staff members. I gave small gifts to all the children. I also sponsored special lunch to the children. I really enjoyed the Day with the children.