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Sponsor for God’s Children​​​​

By January 2, 2020Blog

Sponsor for God’s Children​​​​

By | Blog

The Hope Chennai are like a large family.

Most of the children have suffered severe trauma in early infancy and a lot of care is taken to ensure that the wounds and scars are healed. House- mothers, care- givers, volunteers, doctors and psychologists work round the clock to ensure that the children are well taken care and are empowered to have a bright future.

Apart from this, the focus is on education, sports and entertainment. Children who need academic help are given extra coaching. There is close monitoring to ensure that the children grow in a disciplined and holistic way. We are a large family going beyond biological bonds. Since every child is unique, they are motivated to enrich their talents. The birthdays of all the children are celebrated with much fanfare.

The children grown in here are never made to feel to miss their biological family. Undivided attention is given to them in all the areas that even a normal family may not afford to.

A secured shelter and clothing, nutritious food including milk and fruits and regular medical check-ups. We are looking for sponsor for these kids. When you donate, you don’t just donate. You create a future for a child that is less fortunate then you and you show those children that there is someone out there that cares very much for them. Together we can add joy to the lives of Orphans. Please contribute anything and share it to your friends and relatives