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Strive to serve children

By February 4, 2020Blog

Strive to serve children

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Hope Foundation is a secular non profit organization, we were set up in year 2009 and since then we have been committed to provide home, shelter, food, education, good health and lovable family atmosphere to under privileged children.

We truly believe that all children deserve childhood that is filled with small joys and happiness to uncover the strength, peace and joy that lie at the core of every human being.

HOPE Foundation strive to nurture, protect and care the destitute children who are left in the streets and also children from poor and broken families. Its purpose is to promote the total development of children through love and care in a homely atmosphere with adequate nutrition, inculcating right values, healthy social interaction and to educate all children to become responsible individuals contributing to self and society positively.

These Children now feel HOPE Foundation is their home and they have big family to guide, support and love them at each step of life. HOPE Foundation would have not accomplished all this without the support of our generous sponsors and donors and events.

HOPE organization is ready to serve children, but there is a lack of space accommodation for those kinds of children. Due to this reason, Hope Public Charitable Trust has purchased a land at Annampedu near Pattabiram for constructing a shelter which has a capacity to accommodate nearly 350 children, so Hope organization requests you to show your generosity by Sponsoring building materials or by Money.

So please join your hands to donate us.