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Support for Child Care

By January 10, 2020Blog

Support for Child Care

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HOPE foundation runs a children’s home in the name of hope charitable trust.

Our mission is to protect the children from the dangers of being ending up on the street. One of the many dangers are besides others, that it takes only minutes before a child who end up on the street to become a victim of an abuser.

Children are brought to hope Orphanage by the order of Child Welfare Committee. Police and public find the children who are abandoned on the street, public waste bins, bus stations, railway stations and hospitals. Some children are relinquished by their parents because of their inability to take care of them.

We at hope provide the children with round the clock residential care, protection, education, opportunities to heal emotionally and physically. The children are given medical care that includes preventive and curative care.

Infants and children come with a lot of requirements due to prematurity, malnourishment, infections, emotional needs, etc. Few of them are with special needs like cerebral palsy and developmental delay. The childcare staff work on three different shifts to provide round the clock care to the children They are aided with a nurse and a visiting pediatric consultant, an occupational therapist and a speech therapist.

Our present need is funding towards child care and maintenance of the shelter. Looking for your Support.