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Support for destitute children

By March 13, 2020Blog

Support for destitute children

By | Blog

No deserving child should be deprived of the opportunity to have a home and an education because of the tragedy of his birth to parents who could not afford to ensure that he has the opportunities that other children have. So we need a serious commitment to the problem of the children. It is from this thought the beautiful dream of Hopechennai came up.

Desires or dreams become stronger when you support them. We need to extend our helping hands to numerous children who live in the villages and other vulnerable environments. We, at Hopechennai, would like to respond to the cries of these neglected and destitute children in a concrete manner.

Hopechennai assists destitute children to grow up like other normal children of the society leaving their horrific past right where they have come from. Many of its inmates have started leading a decent life and keep the relationship with the home as responsible sons of a normal family. They know how to relate to their roots by taking care of their own family and friends along with them by who once they might have felt left out.

All donations are exempt from income tax u/s 80G. We also need VOLUNTEERS. WE are the poor orphanage looking for sponsors.