Goal (What is the main purpose of this grant):

For students of Hope School and children living in Special school and Shelter Home for Abandoned and Homeless Children, this grant provides a nutrition supplement to boost their immune system and provide nourishment to their brains, improving their ability to focus and learn.

Rationale (Why is this grant important right now):

Students of Hope School come from a very poor background. As their families are below the poverty line, the foods they eat at home are not nutritionally rich. The nutrition supplement balances their diet and provides micronutrients, protein, and calories. Children and youth who live in Aminjikarai Shelter Home for Abandoned and Homeless Children have been brought in from the streets of Chennai and are typically very malnourished when they arrive as their meals have not been reliable.


Impact (How the change created by the grant will be measured):

A sample of ten children from Aminjikarai will be selected within one month of arriving in Aminjikarai. They will be assessed by a dietician and a blood test will measure their levels of micronutrients. The pre-test will be provide and the post-test will be provided after six months.

Hope School – Full nutrition supplement cost, monthly  :    Rs. 10,000

Aminjikarai – Full nutrition supplement cost,   monthly  :   Rs.12,500


  • Special Education
  • Practical math
  • Activities of daily living
  • Special facilities for CP children
  • Yoga/ Meditation/ Physical training
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Sensory integration & Counseling

Hope Special School

No 14/49, Ganapathy Street Ganapathy Nagar,
Cholambedu road, Opp to Dolpins Sport academy Ambattur,
Chennai – 600053


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