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Together We can Create a Special World

By February 13, 2020Blog

Together We can Create a Special World

By | Blog

HOPE Chennai works to bring about change in the lives of children, young people and vulnerable individuals. We educate children. We provide healthcare. We give children, women and the aged a safe home. We train young people for a living. Afterwards, we help them find jobs and even start their own businesses.

Driven by a team of volunteers and partners, our work spans across Chennai. Our mission is to bring hope to those with none and change the lives of everyone we work with, including our staff, donors, volunteers and partners. To serve as a CATALYST to uplift the LIFE STYLES of the under privileged, socially neglected, mentally challenged and those who live below poverty line with special emphasis on women and children.

HOPE organization is ready to serve children, but there is a lack of space accommodation for those kinds of children. Due to this reason, Hope Public Charitable Trust has purchased a land at Annampedu near Pattabiram for constructing a shelter which has a capacity to accommodate nearly 350 children, so Hope organization requests you to show your generosity by Sponsoring building materials or by Money.

Donate Generously and give a helping hand to help our organization.