We want to Open Community Health Centre at Annambedu Village with an aim to  improve the health and wellbeing of the rural people in and around especially the disabled ones and poorest of the poor people. During pandemic (Corona wave) we suffered a lot taking care of the special children and adults and now our focus is to mainly enable the Hope Special Children and adults to get easily access to Therapies, First aid and general check up regularly .At present there is no hospital in the village and it's very challenging for the community people to travel around 5to 10 kms to the hospital located outside.

It's even more challenging for us to take the special children and adults to hospital especially during the pandemics, rainy days or during medical emergency and therapy centres. These Hope special children and adults gets seizures and epilepsy very often that we had to travel for more kilometers to take them to hospital. They also have weakened immune system that we had to give them aids or treatments when emergency occurs. So we had come up with a plan to construct CHC (Community Health Centre) which will be a blessing to the both HOPE and rural special children and for the entire community by our first and foremost action. We also believe it will definitely make them feel safe and protected. By providing individual therapies like Physio, OT, Speech, Counseling session their individual skills and IQ level will be well developed in various skills for their independent living and future development and to showcase their talents.

Community Health Centre land photoCMDA Approval No 19/2015, Land Registration Name: Hope Public Charitable Trust

Inauguration of Community Health Centre