Sponsor a Child




  • You are supporting the child’s whole community
  • You are not just helping the child go to special school but are addressing all the factors that are keeping the child out of it
  • You are not just providing the child with a healthy childhood but also helping build opportunities for the child’s family to have a sustainable source of livelihood and income


  • ₹ 9000 per child per year
  • Monthly Option: ₹750 per child per month
  • A minimum 3-year-long support works in the best interest of the child
  • Tax exemption of 50% of your contribution under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961

SUGANTHAN: (5 yrs & 6 Months) He is Early intervention student with  down syndrome. We provide Therapy and special education with self-help skills to improve reading, Writing and academic skills. Suganthan lives  at  cholambedu  road  with 1 sibling. Your little nudge ensures quality education, adequate nutrition and a safe childhood to  suganthan Not just that, your contribution also helps the entire community in which he lives! As the result of your support the children and their communities will gain access to their rights to dignity, food, shelter and education.

ASIF AKTHER: (5 yrs & 6 Months) He is autistic child pre – primary education is provided with occupational therapy to improve his skills. Autism, or autism spectrum disorder, refers to a range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication, as well as by unique strengths and differences.

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GNANESHWARAN: (5 yrs) He is a mild child. Intellectual disability (ID), once called mental retardation, is characterized by below-average intelligence or mental ability and a lack of skills necessary for day-to-day living. There are varying degrees of intellectual disability, from mild to profound..Speech therapy and normal education is provided to improve his academics.

CHANDRAN: (9 yrs) Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood. Signs and symptoms vary among each child..Physiotherapy is provided to improve his skill. He comes from a poor back ground.

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Bharath was 17 years old when he joined our HOPE family during the month of December 2015. We rescued him from marina beach with lot of injuries in his leg. We admitted him in the IMH and gave necessary treatment for more than a month even in the hard core situation of Chennai being surrounded by flood. He is not from Tamil Nadu and the name is kept by us. He had no proper verbal communication, and was weak. Through rehabilitation he has shown improvements in health and also utters single words.

Manikandan joined our Hope Family through Child line – 1098 reference. He was rescued by police of G-5 Station and informed to Indian Council for Child Welfare – Tamil Nadu. Manikandan used utters few words unclearly, blabbers and scolds everyone. Through psychiatric treatment and therapies his behavior has been modified. We have also taken measures to identify his family.

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C.JAYASHREE: (10 yrs) ADHD stands for a condition called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Kids with ADHD have problems paying attention and sitting still in their seats, and they can be impulsive,which means doing things without thinking about the results.She is Hype active and autistic child. She is coming under moderate level. Special education & Occupational therapy given to improve her skills.

R.JAYASHREE: (16 yrs) She is coming under mild level. She is interested at Painting and music. Vocational training provided. Separate Training like Tailoring, Embroidering ,Sambrani Preparation and Imitation Jewellery Training is provided depending upon their IQ level.

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  • Special Education
  • Practical math
  • Activities of daily living
  • Special facilities for CP children
  • Yoga/ Meditation/ Physical training
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Sensory integration & Counseling

Hope Special School

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  • Sponsor a child

    Young ladies and young men are relying on you to help central goal and give for children. Spare the Children works on the planet’s most defenceless places sparing one youngster at once. Also, we can’t do it without you. There are such a large number of approaches to provide for Save the Children. Give on the web or through our numerous different approaches to give. We’ve made it simple to help in ways that work for you.
    There are several non-benefits that you can provide for, and the way toward choosing which association to help can feel like an overwhelming assignment. However, you don’t need to do all the exploration yourself. Subside Singer by and by arranges The Life You Can Save’s rundown of suggested understood which work in assortment of urgent reason territories, in light of broad research and examination performed by associations like Innovations for Poverty Action, Give Well and Giving What We Can. These are the foundations we prescribe for helping children.
    Neediness can be solved
    Powerful mediations can break the cycle of neediness for the world’s neediest children. Averting and battling sicknesses can keep kids solid and in school. Viable human services enables guardians to keep supporting their families when they may some way or another need to tend to wiped out youngsters or themselves be handicapped by crippling disease. Help furnishes those living in extraordinary destitution with the fundamental assets important to achieve a superior way of life. Destitution is an issue that has demonstrated arrangements, and giving assumes a vital part in fighting outrageous neediness.
    It’s the most brilliant time… unless it’s definitely not. For some children and their folks, this season might discourage, distressing or just pass by unnoticed because of additionally squeezing issues. These are the approaches to give children present to children who may not generally get one, and to give a snapshot of satisfaction to a children experiencing an unpleasant circumstance, regardless of whether its neediness, disease or a cataclysmic event.
    If you don’t mind recall that there are numerous helpless groups that don’t have national associations devoted to them, yet that still need gifts this season. Where conceivable, discover associations like safe houses, encourage offices and doctors facilities in your general vicinity they presumably have their own particular arrangements of necessities.
    Give toy to your child in need of Community
    Toys for Tots are possibly the best-known present. Keep running by the program disseminates new toys to youngsters whose guardians can’t stand to get them. Go here to discover a drop-off area that is nearby to you.
    You get a little data about the children behind the desires, similar to a young lady who loves to play with dolls yet lost hers after a blood sucker invasion. If you give a desire, you can likewise leave a note to the children.
    Give foster child holiday gift
    Christmas can be a disquieting time for children who have been isolated from their natural families. One simple Wish associates you straightforwardly to youngsters in the cultivateframework by posting their desires on the web. You can give singular wishes for encouragechildren and other children in require whenever of year, however the database is likewise accessible by occasion and also by age, sexual orientation, value range, area and sort of endowments, for example, basics, instruction or only for no particular reason.



Every child should have an environment which provide them proper food, shelter,
education etc.. however that is not the case in India where many child strives hard for a
single meal per day. But this can be changed totally with your help along with
hopechennai. If our life has become good then it is the time to make others life good too. If
you sponsor a child, then you would stand a chance for the much needed change and
which also gives the child with a gift of brighter future.
To sponsor a child is the most beautiful thing that can happen only with caring souls that
has will to fight against fight poverty. When you sponsor a child in need, you become a
part of hope for these child who pray for a better future. Then your donations along with
other sponsors will work to turn the dreams of child to be in a better place in future will
come true and also fights against poverty for good.