Care & Protection Centre for the Adults

This project is run by Hope Public Charitable Trust we provide basic education, health care service, fulltime rehabilitation to 55 abandoned boys and Adults. All the 55 members in this centre are Destitute, abandoned boys and Adult living with various Degrees (stages) of mental health problems. (Children suffering with intellectual deficiency, learning deficiency and memory skill deficiency).

Most of the boys admitted in the centre were referred from Child welfare committee (Tamil Nadu Juvenile Justice Board) those committed with smaller criminal and civil offences. Boys admitted in this centre are at the age group of 9 and above. City Police picked up some boys from Public places roaming on the Roads and Streets, Platforms of Railway Station and Bus terminus in the city. The children as above said as of the reasons to be brought under the legal statuary policy by the Child welfare committee Tamil Nadu Juvenile Justice Board to provide rehabilitation and resettlement. Children those who do not have proof of identification, no evidence of parent or guardian admitted in this centre for Care and Protection.

In our Care and protection centre, Boys are given Basic education on Tamil language comprehension, reading, writing and understanding the basic social skills. Also they trained to learn simple mathematical scales and tables. We have vocational skills Training unit in the centre to provide to Training to earn reasonable money to establish self-business.

Our Objectives of the Training Program

  • To provide need based and skill based vocational training.
  • To create awareness on vocational training and rehabilitating the community.
  • To discuss the process of vocational training and components of job analysis.
  • To empower the trainees for self-advocacy.
  • To make Persons with Disabilities self-dependent in related trades.
  • To make them learn independent living skills in the community.
  • To make them aware about their rights.
  • By caring and rehabilitating of the Special children helps to fulfill our aim by providing a safe environment where these children have access to their basic rights – of Protection, Education, Health care and a happy childhood.


Serving in the field of Special education is the most important contribution a person can offer in society today. The rehabilitation experts understands and applies knowledge of the characteristics and needs of students with disabilities in particular, those who choose to serve students with special needs play a crucial role in improving the outcome so find individuals with disabilities. At present available resources are used to maximum effect to drive improved outcomes for children. Students with special educational needs have an individualized assessment which informs teaching and learning and forms one part of an ongoing and cyclical process of assessment, intervention and review of outcomes. This project will help us to carry out individual assessment of the children by identifying the skills and reaching the goals for independent living

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