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Join hands to work for the cause of empowering our children. Your little contribution can work miracles for our Children.

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Care & Protection Centre

Care & Protection Centre (Shelter Home)
Zone-8, Ward -106, 1St Main Road,
MuthuIrulandi colony (Nelson Manikum Rd)
Near thirupura Amman Temple, Aminjikarai, Chennai – 29

Ambattur Trust Office Address:-

Hope Public Charitable Trust,
No.6-B/26, Sarangapani Street,
Krishnapuram, Ambattur O.T.,
Chennai – 600 053.
Mobile No. 7358095515, 9841330330
  • Hope Chennai take care of mentally retarded children and mentally challenged children . the term mental retarded is diagnosed based on the below normal intelligence IQ and unable to learn and take care of themselves. To measure a child with mentally retarded is based on IQ test . if test is below average of 70 to75. Hope Chennai is one best handicapped orphanages in Chennai and retarded home take care a children and person from a age group of 5-40years. celebrate a birthday in orphanage, which make children in orphanage to be happy for a whole day with your support. Plan how to celebrate a birthday in orphanage by selecting a orphanage whose cause is different and unique and arrange a food for child and buy some valuable gift to the orphanage. To make your a day more special celebrate your birthday with orphans. Hope Chennai is a orphanage in Ambattur and orphanage in Aminjikari so make a protection to poor children in our orphanage. Hope Chennai make a education for child in special school in Chennai by teach a skills to child. we are charitable trust in Chennai and donate a child by paying a 500 for every month to get a education for poor child. Donate for a lunch in any festival days which make a special to child and getting a wishes from them is fabulous things. Gather a many donation to mentally retarded children from various organization as a volunteer and make a poor orphanage to a best orphanages in Chennai. we are mainly focus on education and technical skills for children by providing a special school in Chennai to develop their mind power. Hope chennai is only place where the mentally challenged and physically children are staying by making a sponsor to a child . Hope chennai will take a each rupee from your approval is significant to us. Child sponsor to an orphanages is one of best things in our life success . so make a sponsor an orphanage every year at least by sponsor a meal, shelter and support for a education. The main achieve for life is to be volunteer at orphanage and helping them till our life ends.

    Sponsor a child in need

    Hope Chennai is one of the poorest Organizations in Chennai with huge number of children even though we are not refused to take any child who came to us so if you like or love our principles and norms please donate to our organization to help our kids.
    Steps to sponsor a child at Hope Chennai
    • Visit Hope Chennai Home with child or kid whom do you want to sponsor.
    • Register his/her name with our Home admin of Hope Chennai.
    • You can visit home at our home at any time to see your sponsored child.

    Donate to children in need

    Now in Hope Chennai every kid in need for their survival. Hope Chennai is one of the poor orphanages in Chennai but we give all the details how we spend your donation to our children for your belief. Hope Chennai believes on Mother Teresa words and slogans. Every Rupee from your donation is very important to us Even we lost so many things for our children with that one rupee