How can I celebrate my birthday in orphanage?

I think this gesture is great! I actually did celebrate my birthday at an orphanage a few months ago.

I wasn’t sure if a lot of orphanages allow you to celebrate your birthday with their beneficiaries so I did have to carry out some intensive research. I came across a Hopechennai, is centred around donors celebrating birthdays with the children they support.

I got in touch with their Head and fixed the time and date for the celebration. I was given two options- I could either arrange for the birthday items or they could. I chose to keep it simple. I was a college going student, my budget was small and I could not afford a lot. I bought a 2kg chocolate cake and off I went to the orphanage.

It really was one of the best birthdays I have ever celebrated! 23 kids and I fooled around, sang songs and played games. Of course, chocolate was smeared all over my face, as is tradition, 😛

Basically, celebrating your birthday with orphaned kids is a wonderful idea, and if you are looking for an poor orphanage that allows you to customize your celebration as per your budget, get in touch with Hopechennai.

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