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Hopechennai  is a secular, non-profit voluntary organisation working for the protection and development of street and working children in Chennai. It was started as a grass roots organisation for the care, protection and rehabilitation of runaway, destitute street children, children working, street youth and empowerment of women, street and pavement dwelling communities

We have branched into many areas of work in the last years, yet, its central programme continues to be the rescue, shelter home care, food, clothing, health care, formal and non formal education for runaway street and working children (boys and girls), and offers counselling, and family tracing and reunification.

Our mission is the protection of the rights of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and women, and the promotion of a just and loveable society.

If you choose to support a child, we will send you updates on that child’s progress, along with photos. Click the donate for poor child now button at right to start your recurring donation today.

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