• Sponsor a Child in Need

    Hope Chennai will share their hands to the slow-witted youngsters who are in require. Hope Chennai has the different home just for rationally impeded and physically disabled kids, If you discover any youngsters who are in require please support a tyke to Hope Chennai, Hope Chennai deals with that tyke in all perspectives, Hope Chennai makes them to ponder, to eat and endeavor to make them to live as an ordinary individual. We commend all sort of celebrations and national celebrations, Hope Chennai won’t take after any culture identified with religion it will permit all sort of youngsters with kind heart.
    Our children are so kind hearted along these lines feel baffled about on different people who don’t have secure even they passed on such incalculable to our affiliations. Offer something to our tyke since we are in require now. Hope Chennai is a relationship after vagrants, objectively injured and physically debilitated pupils which is not considering any advantages, Hope Chennai contemplates how our kids will survive tomorrow, now you can consider our affiliation position. Bring anything like treats, vegetables to say the least, we recognize anything from you paying little respect to the likelihood that you give any such kind of kid, we get him/her with our hands and attempted to develop him up as an effective individual.

    Sponsor a Child in need

    Hope Chennai is one of the poorest and non-productive association which is manufactured just for simple-minded and physically incapacitated kids Hope Chennai is the non-gainful alliance grew just for judiciously addressed and especially abled kids in Chennai. Each Rupee from your approval is significant to us Even we lost such a grouping of things for our kids with that one rupee. In Hope Chennai we engage our kids to go school, to watch pictures, different social exercises and we laud every single youngster birthday.

    Usually our ancestors says like children are equal to the god. So if they are in need we should raise our hands to help and give support to them. Help a child in need because we have the heart which asks to help them in any kind of manner. Hope Chennai is the Non gainful organization which will work for children who are physically handicapped, mentally challenged and differently abled in society. If you want to help or sponsor something to children choose Hope Chennai because it is one of the poorest organizations in Chennai with having more children.

    Hope Special School has providing special education, therapies and various other skill training program to mentally Handicapped children. Through their exemplary services children with developmental and mental disabilities have been recovered under their early intervention program. Rigorous measure were taken to help the parent/ caretakers to come our stigma and help their children with self-help skill, vocational training etc.Children learn help themselves with basic necessities like counting, knot tying, eating, etc. various therapeutical services are also provided to reduce their psychical

    Hope Chennai is the Expectation from Chennai, It is one of the poorest halfway house association in Chennai, we have 15 individuals from representatives who can deal with our kids with no foreseeing of cash. We acknowledge any sort of gifts since Hope Chennai is in need and we expect something to encourage our children. We have around 25 slow-witted kids who are in require, on the off chance that you discover any kid who is in various condition or distinctively abled our home will acknowledge to take them attempt to help them in a way that they can overlook their inability.




  • Sponsor a child in need

    Hope Chennai will share their hands to the mentally challenged children who are in need. Hope Chennai has the separate home only for mentally retarded and physically handicapped children, If you find any children who are in need please sponsor a child to Hope Chennai, Hope Chennai takes care of that child in all aspects, Orphanage in Chennai makes them to study, to eat and try to make them to live as a normal person. We celebrate all kind of festivals and national festivals, Hope Chennai the orphanage in ambattur will not follow any culture related to religion it will allow all kind of children with kind heart.

    Hope Chennai acknowledge any sort of gift and sponsorship and we are prepared give,take,receive or sponsor an orphan child . Hope Chennai is an orphanage organization in Chennai,ambattur.Hope Chennai can help and serve more individuals however sponsor a child is greatest requirement to nourish our specialchild. Presently Hope Chennai is in requirement.So please donate  for our poor children. Join with us!! Give favor to us!! Donate to our children make happy.

    Usually our ancestors says like children are equal to the god. So if they are in need we should raise our hands to help and give support to them. Help a Orphanage child in need because we have the heart which asks to help them in any kind of manner. Hope Chennai is the Non gainful organization which will work for children who are physically handicapped, mentally challenged and differently abled in society. If you want to help or sponsor something to children choose Hope Chennai because it is one of the poorest organizations in Chennai with having more donate to children.


Provide assistance to pay the prescribed medicines and to help reduce their disabilities.


To recover from Mental disorders and to provide Rehabilitation services.


Provide your help for the inmates for our orphanage children by supporting vegetables regular basis.


Educational materials and therapy items (for speech, occupational and physiotherapy)


Inmates are increasing day by day the need to provide three times a day is also on the rise. Help us in providing support for monthly provisions.

SNACKS & MILK:(Rs.2500)

Milk is very essential for special children to increase their immunity level. Refreshments such us channa, Green gram etc will be provided us protein rich healthy snacks.


Toiletries, washing & detergent soaps, oil etc to make the children and environment clean & healthy.


Provide the children to help, save and change children life through Special education, Therapy services, Nutrition & Health care.


Children with various disabilities are admitted through police station and child welfare centres dealing with each child disability and their symptoms has been difficult for us due to inadequate of care takers and warden. Help us to support a warden/care taker salary.


To select and prepare for a training in order to live independently

how to sponsor a child

GNANESHWARAN: (5 yrs) He is a mild child. Intellectual disability (ID), once called mental retardation, is characterized by below-average intelligence or mental ability and a lack of skills necessary for day-to-day living. There are varying degrees of intellectual disability, from mild to profound..Speech therapy and normal education is provided to improve his academics.

CHANDRAN: (9 yrs) Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood. Signs and symptoms vary among each child..Physiotherapy is provided to improve his skill. He comes from a poor back ground.

Sponsor a child in need

C.JAYASHREE: (10 yrs) ADHD stands for a condition called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Kids with ADHD have problems paying attention and sitting still in their seats, and they can be impulsive,which means doing things without thinking about the results.She is Hype active and autistic child. She is coming under moderate level. Special education & Occupational therapy given to improve her skills.

R.JAYASHREE: (16 yrs) She is coming under mild level. She is interested at Painting and music. Vocational training provided. Separate Training like Tailoring, Embroidering ,Sambrani Preparation and Imitation Jewellery Training is provided depending upon their IQ level.

Sponsor a child in need


  • Special Education
  • Practical math
  • Activities of daily living
  • Special facilities for CP children
  • Yoga/ Meditation/ Physical training
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Sensory integration & Counseling
  • How to sponsor a child in need

    Hope Chennai is only the place or home where the mentally challenged or physically retorted Children can stay with their lives and become harder than other people or kids. We are capable of taking any kind of children those could be orphans or handicapped children. We will provide shelter, food and more. We arrange the studies for them which can be capable of learning most interested things. We make them mirror of our inspired citizens in India. The Main question to raise was How to Sponsor a Child so the answer is

    • Find the orphan or any challenged kid to sponsor.
    • Reach out us and contact one of our admins and show your kid.
    • Sponsor the kid and Fill the forms and follow the norms.
    • Donate Money for the sponsored kid

    Now we will process the further procedures and follow up with you, Thanks for sponsor a kid and Donate the money for him/her. We appreciate your kind heart and thankful to you. From Now you also be the part of our Hope Chennai.

    Sponsor a child

    In India so many children are there who did not have parents and mentally challenged and physically challenged kids. Hope Chennai is the Non Gainful organization which is taking care of those people by sponsorships of kind hearted persons. Hope Chennai save the children by adopting them with the help of sponsorships or by donations. If anyone is ready to save the children by donating or sponsoring money to the orphan or differently abled kid Hope Chennai is the Right choice because it will not charge extra for adopting kid it will take the reasonable price for caring the kid that you sponsored please find the price list.
    Per year per child – Rs 9000/- only
    Monthly per child – Rs 750/- only
    At least 3 years in length bolster take a shot at best enthusiasm of the tyke. A primary preferred standpoint likewise happen when you supported youngster i.e., half of expense exclusion occur under 80G of the pay assess demonstrations of 1961. A debt of gratitude is in order for your help of supporting kid to Hope Chennai

  • Sponsor a Child in Need

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50% of salary

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My 1st Month salary at TCS-IT Sector, 50% of salary I donated to Hope Trust for New School building Construction, for Autism Children’s Education. Why don’t your contribution for this noble cause.