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Enrich the lives of Orphans

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We are organized to improve and enrich the lives of children living in orphanages and group homes; We support these youth after they leave the institutions and start their own lives by providing post-high-school-graduation education, support services, and resources; Staff are available to devote their resources for the upbringing of these youth and spread awareness and build compassion for these children.

Every child deserves a loving family

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Every child’s experience is unique but we all need the same things – love, security, health and wellbeing.
Be part of positive change and transform a child’s world today.

Our goal is simple: to raise awareness and funds to make sure the children in our care are empowered to become the future leaders. There are many ways to help the children of Hopechennai, from financial contributions and sponsorship, to volunteering.

Supporting our efforts to help the children of Hopechennai starts with a prayer.

Please consider the many ways you can help:

Loving care with a homely atmosphere

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Hope Charitable trust is intended to nurture, protect and care the destitute children who are left in the streets and also children from poor and broken families. Its purpose is to promote the total development of children through loving care in a homely atmosphere with adequate nutrition and healthy social interaction and to educate all children till they are old and mature enough to venture out independently..

Childhood that every child deserves

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Prasana is 9 years old. He was diagnosed of ADHD with speech impairment. He was not able to utter a word even for food and water. He was admitted into Hope Special School at the age of 4 and improved in speech. Now he is able to frame sentences, recite thirukural and sing. Also he has shown improvements academically. Your generosity makes it possible for Prasana to have childhood every child deserves.

Make a difference in the life of a Orphan

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You can make a wonderful difference in the life of a orphan by becoming a Sponsor to a child in HopeChennai. It’s also a wonderful way to learn more about the daily activities of our children. You will receive regular updates on the academic and social progress. See what a difference you can make in the life of a child.

Your sponsorship will begin upon receipt of your first sponsorship donation. Please help us to serve the kids better.

Serving foster children and families

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Hope chennai Foundation has been serving foster children and families in and around Chennai. As the needs of the community have grown over the last several years and the increasing needs of foster children have become apparent, we understand the importance of offering our foster children and families all the support and guidance they need. Our services provide care for families and children of all ages, with all levels of mental and behavioral health concerns.

You can help us reach even more vulnerable children. Your donation will bring stability, a safe environment, education, healthcare, access to a family strengthening program to more children, enabling them to reach their potential.

Nurturing for a Good Citizen

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The HopeFoundation at Ambattur, Chennai was founded to look after the needs of orphaned children.

The Foundation takes care of all their basic needs, including boarding, lodging, education, medical and health needs. Along with their spiritual uplift, such children become professionally trained to live honorable life and eventually become an asset to the society and the nation

Residential care For deserted Kids

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Hopechennai” provides residential care to people who have been deserted and works on their rehabilitation as we strongly believe that love and care plays a very important role in bringing them back to a normal life. Utmost importance is given to child care and education as good education can make a difference in the lives of these children. Good education can make a child feel confident and self reliant preparing him to face the world outside. These children are provided with nutritious meals, new clothes, and consistent health care.

Sponsor for a bright and prosperous future

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Orphanage in Chennai

Hopechennai works for the empowerment of under privileged, vulnerable and needy sections of the society particularly Children and Women . Our approach is to address the health, education, environment, economic, cultural issues of the society. We aim to facilitate for the self-sufficiency and overall development.

On the occasion of your birthday, wedding anniversary, kid’s birthday and festivals, we request you to kindly visit Sponsor for the kids or offer free food for the destitute and get the blessings of god and bless our children for a bright and prosperous future.