We will gather and pull the chariot

There are children, women and adults around us who are with special needs, living in  abominable conditions and who are in intense need of assistance. These groups are vulnerable  and if they get proper care they can be brought back in to normal life. They are undergoing an  appalling situation because of poverty, perilous nights, …

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Healthy food – Timely food

Having food at right time is a very important thing while following a diet. All the residents in  Hope Psychiatric Rehabilitation Shelter for Women (MI) are given proper nutritious food as  suggested by the experts. But eating on time is something very important to have proper  digestion. To serve almost 40 women with mental illness, …

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Hands to Shape a Better Future

Vocational training and selective placement is designed to enable a person with disability (PWD) to  secure and retain suitable employment. The acronym IDD refers to individuals with intellectual or  developmental disabilities. The term reflects a more positive and inclusive trend in the approach to care  for individuals with some form of intellectual disabilities. At the …

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A Compassionate Heart is a blessing!!!

“The happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more”…<3 <3 <3 There are people who dedicate their lives to serve for the needy, downtrodden community. Everyone should feel gratitude and appreciate the power of living a grateful life. It’s not because  it is almost Thanksgiving but just a continuing realization and appreciation …

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