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Learning can be possible to children

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Learning can be possible to children in much more interesting ways. It also helps us to take care of individual student’s Visual support, Academic Intervention, Hand writing development, Sensory & OT, Oral motor and focus them to reduce obsessive behaviour in autism and thereby circling them to interact among other children.

Our mission

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Our mission is to end poverty for children with disabilities by supporting, equipping, and investing in their mothers.

We run a women’s empowerment program for mothers in extreme poverty who are raising a child with disabilities. These mothers are least likely to have a support network and most likely to place their child in an orphanage.

A mother in India who is raising a child with a disability, such as autism or cerebral palsy, lives in stigma and isolation. In addition to flexible skills training and education, she will need an initial phase of extensive support and mentorship to offset years of isolation, anxiety, depression and poor healthcare.

After attend a Training at Hope Special School

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In the Initial Stage Senthil had a poor concentration but after he attended training at HOPE SPECIAL SCHOOL. He is able to concentrate prepare Instant Computer Sambrani and also Imitation Jewellery is done after getting training. He generates a small income from these products.

Hope Special School Address: No.14/49, Ganapathy Street, Ganapathy Nagar, Cholambedu Road, Chennai-600 053.


Contact Number: 7358095515