Sponsoring an orphanage

Sponsoring a child from an orphanage can be very rewarding. Often these children come from very poor background. Sponsoring provides them with opportunities that they would never have in their own surroundings. We focus on the basics such as education, health, food and shelter. Our approach is holistic and our style hands on. We are …

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Make Your Valuable Contributions

Started in the year 2007, as a Poor orphanage in chennai in a small way, Hopechennai has catered to the under privileged children and the aged for the past 11 years. Backed by energetic, self-less volunteers who sacrifice a few hours, days and sometimes weeks. The foundations service has reached every nook and corner. Hopechennai …

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Sponsor a orphan in need

The Hope chennai was founded to be comitted itself to ensure that orphans and street children in need in Chennai are cared for and have a chance of a better future. Many of these children are disabled and kids with special needs. They need help to cause sustainable change in their environment. Our vision for the future is …

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Donate for Poor orphanage

Children with disability, along with their families, often face stigma and isolation from their communities. Children with disability often cannot access the services and sponsor they need to thrive. No family should have to be alone. Every child should be included. Every child deserves help today.Every child deserves a better tomorrow. We at Hopechennai creates …

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Poorest orphanage in Chennai,India

We can see many orphanages in Chennai which gives protection to the orphans. There are also some individual organizations and many groups who provide support to the other orphanages in Chennai. The HopeChennai is a voluntary organization in India working with children and adults who have developmental and other disabilities. As a Special school for …

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Knowledge makes you win hearts

Knowledge makes you win hearts and battles!We, at HOPE aspire to establish awareness about the mental disorders.#WeAreHope #HopeChennai #Awareness#Visit us: www.hopechennai.comContact us : 7358095515 donate for poor child

Not disabled, but different

Not disabled, but different. Learn the difference!We, at HOPE aspire to create awareness about the mental disorders.#WeAreHope #HopeChennai #Awareness#Visit us : Sponsor a child in need Contact: 7358095515

Donate for poor child

Hopechennai  is a secular, non-profit voluntary organisation working for the protection and development of street and working children in Chennai. It was started as a grass roots organisation for the care, protection and rehabilitation of runaway, destitute street children, children working, street youth and empowerment of women, street and pavement dwelling communities We have branched …

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