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Donate for Poor orphanage

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Children with disability, along with their families, often face stigma and isolation from their communities. Children with disability often cannot access the services and sponsor they need to thrive. No family should have to be alone. Every child should be included.

Every child deserves help today.Every child deserves a better tomorrow.

We at Hopechennai creates a world where every child grows up in a family, celebrated and loved, despite his or her disability. That’s been our heartbeat for the past 10 years, and will be for the next coming years too.

  • We believe all children have value because of their Creator who made them.
  • We prioritize preserving and strengthening families because we believe it is God’s design for children to grow up in families.
  • We believe in having a holistic approach to helping children and families so that their daily lives can be improved for years to come.
  • Rather than simply giving a handout, we believe in equipping people with the tools and knowledge to change their own circumstances.

Here at HopeChennai where every child grows up in a loving family, regardless of their disability. We believe that every person deserves to be included in a community that recognizes their value and unique contribution. We dream of the day when differences are celebrated, no more children need to be institutionalized, and people with disabilities are given the unconditional love and support they need to grow and thrive. Today, we stand in the gap and come alongside children and their families. We are the Poor orphanage in chennai and we are looking forward you to donate us. So that we can serve the kids better.

Poorest orphanage in Chennai,India

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We can see many orphanages in Chennai which gives protection to the orphans. There are also some individual organizations and many groups who provide support to the other orphanages in Chennai.

The HopeChennai is a voluntary organization in India working with children and adults who have developmental and other disabilities. As a Special school for people with special needs, we provide early intervention services, livelihoods development, education, training and awareness. We believe that when we plan for the most vulnerable the world works better for everyone. Our rights-based approach challenges injustice and demonstrates how inclusion works.

Donate for poor child

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Hopechennai  is a secular, non-profit voluntary organisation working for the protection and development of street and working children in Chennai. It was started as a grass roots organisation for the care, protection and rehabilitation of runaway, destitute street children, children working, street youth and empowerment of women, street and pavement dwelling communities

We have branched into many areas of work in the last years, yet, its central programme continues to be the rescue, shelter home care, food, clothing, health care, formal and non formal education for runaway street and working children (boys and girls), and offers counselling, and family tracing and reunification.

Our mission is the protection of the rights of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and women, and the promotion of a just and loveable society.

If you choose to support a child, we will send you updates on that child’s progress, along with photos. Click the donate for poor child now button at right to start your recurring donation today.

Volunteering At HOPE Special School

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An ongoing report by a International children charity association has uncovered that India is a home to 20 million orphans. The most exceedingly bad part about this detail is that larger part of these orphans have been deserted by their family, and just few have really lost their parents to death. This, and numerous different reasons provoked Volunteering India to hold hands with a few distinct NGOs and social administration focuses that work for these orphans, to improve life for them. Here are a portion of the important functions of a Hope Public Charitable trust you should know.

Why you should be a part of it?

These NGOs and social service groups are of a very small scale and do not get enough funding or resources to run efficiently for long. As a volunteer, you can be of a great help by lending support and time at these orphanages and work for the betterment of these adolescents and work for the advancement of these teenagers.

What you do as a piece of it?

As a volunteer at the Orphanage Center, your essential undertakings will incorporate;

– Assisting youngsters with their training classes.

– Taking extracurricular classes for them.

– Helping them with their homework.

– Educating them about close to home cleanliness and other vital exercises of life.

–Spending quality time with them to make them feel adored and inspire about existence.

– Understanding about the necessities at the Orphanage Center and perceive the amount you can satisfy; collectively.

– Assisting the in-house staff in managerial work and keeping up the framework tidy and up – to – date.

How can you be a part of it?

To be a part of this is incredibly easy. Just drop us a mail or a message and we’ll be at your service. Either it may be visa concerns nor be it safe accommodation, we take care of everything starting from scratch. You just have to pack your bags and Volunteer at hope charitable trust for the orphanage for kids in India.

Build Happiness for God’s Children​​​​

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Appeal for Sponsoring towards constructing Residential Home and Vocational Training Centre for Abandoned Special Children. Ours is a Non-Governmental organization located at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Our organization strives to “Promote the living conditions of the challenged community by providing Special Education, Vocational training and Rehabilitation services”. At present, the organization is functioning in a rented building with the strength of 143 Special Children who are rendering free services depending upon their IQ level in our organization.
The Organization has purchased 4 Grounds Approved CMDA (No: 19/2015) land at Kavya Gardens, Annampedu Village, near Avadi Pattabiram. We are planning to construct a 9604sq.ft two-storey building For Residential Home and Vocational Training Centre for our God’s Children. Together we can make this world better for these children and make a positive difference in their lives. ​​​​

​​​Read more – https://milaap.org/fu…/support-hope-public-charitable-trust…

*To pay via Paytm (for Android users only)* – http://m.p-y.tm/pay-milaap…

*​​​​For UPI payment:* https://milaap.org/…/support-hope-public-chari…/upi_deeplink (You can send money to this ID using BHIM, PhonePe or any UPI app)​​​​​​​​

Small support can help us a lot

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Mentally challenged children face dilemmas every day. Their needs and requirements go unnoticed and often stay isolated. Such daunting childhood experiences leave a mark in their social functioning. We, at HOPE, aspire to uplift the mentally challenged children and make them capture their dreams. Your small sponsor can help our students gain benefits of Psychiatric counsellor. hashtag#WeAreHopehashtag#HopeChennai# Visit us : www.hopechennai.com Contact us: 7358095515