How do I donate funds online to some good NGOs in India for poor children’s education?

Shelter home students

Helping the underprivileged is one of the kindest steps towards humanity. HopeChennai is a non-government organization working exceptionally well to improve the living conditions of the intellectually challenged community. HOPE is one of the good NGOs in India, Chennai, working extensively for the welfare of marginalized women to empower them through the skill training program.
When you give makes you rich and when you plan to donate to NGOs, see how devoted they are to working for the welfare of society. And also, see whether NGO gives transparency by providing receipts after your donation. Volunteers are working hard for the welfare of the needy. Let your donation reach the right place.
You can donate funds online through integrated payment gateways provided by NGO websites. Your donations are 50% TAX exempt under sections 80G IT Act,1961.

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