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Hopechennai  is a special place of love and caring, dedicated to the safety, education, health and spiritual development impoverished children and orphans. The Mission was founded as The Caring and Sharing Mission. Since then, it has raised and cared for hundreds of children, some of whom now work there caring for the next generation.

The goal of the mission is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for children who do not have one. Children are cared for medically, nutritionally, educationally and spiritually. They are taught with a goal of achieving a college or vocational degree.

They are women with strong motherly instinct who create an alternate families with needy children. Children attend regular schools in the local vicinity. Adequate recreational and sports facilities are provided. We are poor orphanage in chennai.
Establishment Hopechennai is based on a very sacred principal that each child deserves to live in a family. Hopechennai is place for orphaned, abandoned and destitute children where every care is provided to bring them up in a family environment.

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