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Children with disability, along with their families, often face stigma and isolation from their communities. Children with disability often cannot access the services and sponsor they need to thrive. No family should have to be alone. Every child should be included.

Every child deserves help today.Every child deserves a better tomorrow.

We at Hopechennai creates a world where every child grows up in a family, celebrated and loved, despite his or her disability. That’s been our heartbeat for the past 10 years, and will be for the next coming years too.

  • We believe all children have value because of their Creator who made them.
  • We prioritize preserving and strengthening families because we believe it is God’s design for children to grow up in families.
  • We believe in having a holistic approach to helping children and families so that their daily lives can be improved for years to come.
  • Rather than simply giving a handout, we believe in equipping people with the tools and knowledge to change their own circumstances.

Here at HopeChennai where every child grows up in a loving family, regardless of their disability. We believe that every person deserves to be included in a community that recognizes their value and unique contribution. We dream of the day when differences are celebrated, no more children need to be institutionalized, and people with disabilities are given the unconditional love and support they need to grow and thrive. Today, we stand in the gap and come alongside children and their families. We are a Poor orphanage in chennai and we are looking forward you to donate us. So that we can serve the kids better.

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