Give wings to the hidden potential of our special moms

“Give wings to the hidden potential of our special moms”- Roslin
A mother of 16yrs old Boy (Melvin Roy) was diagnosed with Autism Earlier period of the child had a delay in voice, speech and was very much hyperactive. The child had similar training in the private clinic from 3 and a half years to 7years. Every beginning Melvin was admitted to School for primary education. There is no improvement so he was withdrawn from the school. Then he was sent to a special school for 2years and later on joined hope special school before 3years. He likes music so much so always he repeats the advisement songs. In the future they dream is to make him study some works regarding mechanics.
Though Amul raj is the only person who earns money can’t afford any therapies or extra activities for his child these all lead to the financial crisis. Therapies offered by the special school had helped her to develop skills. Melvin’s parents want him to do his basic things so he can lead a better life like other normal children.😊😊😊
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