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We at hope chennai take care of the special needs of ADHD kids and we need your support for the growth and betterment of the kids. Sponsor a child or sponsor a meal. Help us to serve better.


This is the most commonly diagnosed disturbance to learning in children of kindergarten and pre-school age.
A.D.H.D. is a disorder characterized by three symptoms:

  • Hyperactivity Children are fidgety, always in motion on
  • Distractibility Difficulty in blocking out unnecessary stimuli
  • Impulsivity absence of the look before you leap habit – children are accident-prone, given to poor judgement and unnecessarily talkative. It is very often related to Learning Disabilities.

Causes of Hyperactivity

Current research suggests that A.D.H.D. is due to a deficiency in a specific neuro-transmitter in the lower area of the brain.A hyperactive child is unable to filter out unnecessary external stimuli, is unable to prioritize stimuli and deal with one stimulus at a time, while compartmentalizing the others. volunteer With us to serve such children with special needs.

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