Lend hands for Poor orphanage

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The Hopechennai consists of an on-site medical center, primary school, community center and temple to provide for the health, education, social and religious well-being of all community members. The structure of the village is environment friendly for all children and follows the traditional lifestyle to provide children with a sense of cultural integrity, social responsibility and belonging.

All significant festivals are celebrated at the Hopechennai, where children, mothers and other co-workers of the village gather together to enjoy the festivity. This also serves as a good bonding time between children and their family members.

Various awareness programmes on gender equality, child labour, health and hygiene, road safety etc. are organized for our boys throughout the year at regular intervals. Academic records of children in the youth house at Hopechennai have shown significant improvement over the years. Besides performing well in academics, the youth also actively takes part in extra-curricular activities.

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