Major Achievements and successful Stories

A feature about the shelter home saying about its service since its establishment, i.e. from September 2020 has been telecasted on a local television channel named, Tamizhan TV.
A written feature was published in both Hindu newspaper and the Indian Express when a resident named Mrs. Kavitha got a golden opportunity to sing in front of some renowned singers.
SUCCESS STORIES (Family Re-integration)
Family serves as informal case managers, providing and coordinating care for their relatives. Apart from the basic personality traits of the person concerned, it is the attitude and the actions of the members of the family that determine the future course of the life of the mentally challenged person. Family counseling is equally important as casework. Before reintegration, the family should be given awareness regarding the post-care or after-care services of the resident. The coordinator cum counselor gives the family sessions of counseling before sending the resident with the family.

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