Poor Orphanage Medical Program

12th OCTOBER 2020 :
The medical camp was conducted at Hope Shelter for Women with Psycho-Social Needs, on 12th October 2020. The camp was arranged and organized by the NGO. The psychiatrist along with an assistant/nurse checked every resident. The residents had a one-to-one conversation with Dr. Lakshmi, along with the staff nurse Mrs. Premavathy V.
The doctor observed the residents’ behavior while having a conversation and asked other
details from the coordinator, the staff nurse, and the Care Giver with that she prescribed
necessary treatment procedures and medicines to the residents.
The camp was successfully organized under the guidance of Dr.V.Nagarani, Managing
Trustee and Mr. Rakesh Sharma, the Administrator of Hope Public Charitable Trust. The coordinator and Care Giver of the shelter home, Ms. Nandhini and Mrs. Sridevi, respectively gave their hands and support to make the event successful.

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