Today’s children are tomorrow’s future!!!

Hope shelter

Unity is Strength!!! Today’s children are tomorrow’s future!!! These famous sayings remind us about two things, one is children and another is togetherness. The title itself conveys that ‘We will gather and pull the chariot’. The children here are specified as children with various intellectual disabilities. These children are called ‘special children’. As the name suggests the children are ‘special’. They are different from other children but are marginalized by the society. They are facing identity crisis and social competence issues. It is the responsibility of each citizen of the nation to ensure quality life and uplift them to the frontline. With this resolution, ‘Hope Public Charitable Society’ established, ‘Hope Care and Protection Centre for the Adults’ at Aminjikarai and two ‘Special Schools’ for children with special needs at Poonamalle and Ambattur. Here the children are given special consideration, proper care and treatment with a mission to uplift them. These categories of children and adults have been considered as a stigma or taboo in the society since ages.

So the founder, Dr. V. Nagarani, on sudden revelation endeavored to put together shelter homes for this underprivileged section of the society. As a humanitarian act she wanted to make these children same like every other people in the world. For that various kinds of treatment, therapies and vocational skill trainings, etc are given to them in these shelters. Engaging them in many programs and recreational activities help to tame them to a better person, thus leading them to a better life.

This is what we call, ‘HEAL THE WORLD’. Yes!!! Only we humans can heal the world. The Earth belongs to each living being in the world, so is the children and adults with special needs. We should assist them, help them and guide them to lead a normal life. That is how we can spread smile all over the world. *************

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