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    Hope Chennai will protect, care, shelter and rehabilitate on our children with special team and needs.

    We are registered with corporation of Chennai, Hope Chennai established in ambattur Chennai on 2004.We started this organization with less number of staff and with 10 kids who are not able to think and speak properly and now the team is same even more children increased to hundreds. Hope Chennai can help and serve more people but money is biggest constraint to feed our children. Now Hope Chennai is children in need for donate our children.

    Hope Chennai is one of the poorest orphanage organization in Chennai, We have 15 members of employees who can take care of our children without any anticipating of money. We accept any kind of donations because Hope Chennai is in need and we require something to feed our kids. We have around 25 mentally challenged children who are in need, if you find any child who is in different condition or differently abled our home  will accept to take them try to help  them in a way that they can forget their disability.

    Donate for poor children:

    Hope Chennai is the non-profitable affiliation developed only for rationally answered and particularly disabled kids in Chennai. Every Rupee from your blessing is crucial to us Even we lost such an assortment of things for our children with that one rupee. In Hope Chennai we empower our Poor children to go school, to watch pictures, various social activities and we commend each and every child birthday. Our mentally retarded kids are so kind hearted, sponsor a child in this way feel frustrated about on other individuals who don’t have secure even they passed on such countless to our affiliations. Give something to our tyke since we are in require now.

    Hope Chennai recognize any kind of blessing and sponsorship and we are readied give tyke or get kid. Hope Chennai is a halfway mentally retarded home association in Chennai ambattur, Hope Chennai can help and serve more people however money is most noteworthy prerequisite to support our children. By and by Hope Chennai is in necessity for our kids. Join with us!! Offer support to us!! Make our boys happy.

Celebrate Your Memorable Occasions with our children

We want to do more with your little help. By a little part of your income to protect and uplift mentally challenged children who are in need of care & protection. You will get your tax exemption certificate within one week of your one-time donation

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State Bank of India (Current Account)

Name of the Bank: State Bank of India
A/C. No: 33989918759
Branch: Ambattur, Chennai – 600 053
Nature of Account: Current Account
IFSC No: SBIN0000987
Branch Code No: 0987 – A

FCRA Account State Bank of India

Name of the Bank: State Bank of India
A/C. No: 30704017387
Branch: Ambattur, Chennai – 600 053.
Nature of Account: Current Account
FCRA Registration Number: 075901250
Swift Code No: SBININBB292
IFSC No: SBIN0000987
Branch Code No: 0987 – A

What Our Sponsor Are Saying

Lakshmi pooja

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The next Day of My New House Lakshmi pooja celebrations I took abounded sweets and fruits to Hope special school for mentallyretarded Children. I celebrated the joy with 65 Children at ambattur and enjoyed the Day with them. I felt so happy.
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    Children in need of donation

    Poverty is a circumstance in which children stay denied of fundamental necessities of life, for example, deficiency of sustenance, garments, and haven. The greater part of the general population in India can’t get their two times supper appropriately, rest at roadside and wear messy and old garments. They don’t get legitimate and solid nourishment, meds, and other important things. Destitution in the urban India is expanding a direct result of the expansion in urban populace as individuals from country regions get a kick out of the chance to relocate to the urban areas and towns to get business or do some money related movement. The pay of around 8 crore urban individuals is underneath destitution line and 4.5 crore urban children is on fringe of neediness level. An enormous number of individuals live in ghetto end up noticeably ignorant. Despite a few activities there is no any agreeable outcomes indicated in regards to decrease of destitution.

    Reasons for providing donation to children

    The fundamental driver of poverty in India are developing populace, poor farming, defilement, old traditions, gigantic hole amongst poor and rich individuals, joblessness, absence of education, scourge infections, and so forth. An enormous level of children in India rely upon agribusiness which is poor and cause destitution. By and large individuals confront deficiency of sustenance on account of poor farming and joblessness. Regularly developing populace is likewise the reason of destitution in India. More populace implies more sustenance, cash and houses. In the absence of essential offices, neediness develops all the more quickly. Ending up additional rich and additional poor makes an enormous broadening hole between the rich and the destitute individuals. Rich individuals are becoming wealthier and needy children are developing poorer which makes a financial hole between the two.

    Impacts of child Poverty

    Destitution influences children life from multiple points of view. There are different impacts of neediness, for example, lack of education, terrible eating routine and nourishment, tyke work, poor lodging, poor way of life, joblessness, poor cleanliness, feminization of destitution, and so forth. Needy children can’t orchestrate a sound eating routine, keep up great way of life, home, pleasant garments, legitimate training, and so forth in view of the absence of cash which makes an immense distinction amongst rich and poor. This distinction prompts the undeveloped nation. Destitution powers little kids to do work effortlessly and help their family fiscally as opposed to setting off to the school.
    Neediness isn’t just the issue of a man anyway it is a national issue. It must be understood on critical premise by actualizing some viable arrangements. Assortment of steps has been taken by the legislature to diminish neediness however no unmistakable outcomes are seen. Destruction of neediness is vital for the supportable and comprehensive development of individuals, economy, society and nation. You get a little data about the children behind the desires, similar to a young lady who loves to play with dolls yet lost hers after a blood sucker invasion. If you give a desire, you can likewise leave a note to the children.Annihilation of neediness should be possible successfully by the join exertion of every single individual.