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Hopechennai was wanted to educate poorest from most marginalised communities. Now it has grown into a huge social service organization working for rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned children, the abandoned elderly, women in distress, people of gypsy community, people addicted to drugs and liquor and victims of natural disasters in rural and urban Tamil Nadu. These people need help – a home, an education, someone with whom to share their problems, or just care and companionship. Yet, having little or no money and no-one to turn to, they are often left neglected and alone. So, by providing shelter, support, counselling, and empowerment, we give them a chance to live the life they deserve. One filled with hope and happiness.

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There are children and elders in our campus. You can also help us celebrate birthday of one of the children/elders living in our campus. Celebration includes new clothes for the birthday person and sweets for all. You can also make a general donation as per your wish.

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