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Hopechennai is the only home that takes care of a large number of special children along with normal children. This integration develops a kind of sensitivity among the normal children to attend to the needs of the mentally challenged and differently abled children.                                                  

The constant individual care, regular physiotherapy, occupational therapy and special education have enabled a good number of mentally challenged children to talk and walk.

•             The mothers of a number of differently abled and mentally challenged children live along with their children in our home and render their whole hearted service to all the inmates with tender loving care.
• Amidst the various difficulties that we try our best to provide balanced diet, good water and healthy hygienic atmosphere to our differently abled and mentally challenged children, we did succeed to put up a concrete building through the sponsor for our children and we have moved into it.
We provide a congenial and homely atmosphere for the healthy physical, psychological growth and development of the inmates.
We have a team of good qualified physiotherapists, occupational therapists and teachers trained in special education to cater to the needs of our differently abled and mentally challenged children, who rejoice at the improvement of each child. We are looking for Donations to improve our Service

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