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Giving care to children who have nobody to care for them is the purpose of an orphanage. Usually, the children of parents, who are incapable of caring them or have died life with other relatives or friends, become a ward of the state. There are many charitable trust and organization that run orphanages and refuge homes for such children. Such organizations are functioning with the grant from Government and the financial supports from the people Orphanages are homes for these children and several children live in each orphanage.

Chennai City possesses many orphanages that give protection and care to several children, old people and refugees. Many of the children lived in these orphanages are being found on the street.

The responsibility of Hope chennai is not limited to giving food and shelter to the children. We also give them education and try to develop their inborn skills in art, sports, literature etc. As a part of these, they make use of Yoga, art therapy, sports, exposure to literature and science. We also give counseling to the children in order to change the attitude of the children towards a better life. The authorities encourage the basic talents of children such as dance, music, story-telling and creativity.

The orphanage in chennai has facilities like free hostel, mess as well as free education for orphans, handicapped, deaf and blind children. Our volunteers are working in nearest places to spread the importance of family for special kids.

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