How can I acquire genuine funds or donations to sustain my organization for helping orphans and poor children in Chennai?


First and foremost, the organization should strategize the seeking approaches for funds and donations for helping orphans and poor children.

There are many ways to acquire genuine funds. Some of the approaches are as follows.

  • One of the easiest ways to get the funds is via collecting cash donations from individuals or organizations though it is not constant.

  • Grant funding agencies provide funding for NGOs. Contributions – partnering with the agencies that affect them to provide annual funds to NGOs,

  • Forming membership with large corporations who will need to pay membership dues help in the publicity of the NGO as well by the members.

  • Fundraising via booth campaign, social media campaign, and also hosting events. 

  • Using social media to raise funds. 

  • Practice corporate matching programs – a company employee pays donations to NGO, and he successfully submits the paperwork to company HR, then the company will donate either the same or more funds as a donation to NGO.

  • Loan financing- though it is a quicker and easier method to receive funds, it comes with risks.

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