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Mentally challenged children face problems like Social and Family acceptance, Stigma, Helplessness, Behaviour problems, Financial crisis etc.

Their needs and requirements go unnoticed in this social setup and they stay isolated. Such daunting childhood experiences leave a mark in their social functioning. Lifting up the mentally challenged children and make them reach for their dreams has been the vision of Hope Trust. Join hands in reaching for the special children

From this simple beginning and with continuous support from individual donors, corporates and institutions, Hopechennai has now grown. We provide residential care support for many kids. We have different qualified and experienced professionals provide their expertise in training and educating individuals with a variety of special needs. We have facilities to train all children and adults with special needs in diverse domains by qualified and experienced professionals with individualized training programmes. The school is run entirely through donations of service-minded individuals and organizations. Every single rupee received is accounted for and is spent purely to help the individuals under our care.

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