“Peace begins when the hungry are fed.” -Mother Teresa Dear Wellwisher of hope, Greetings from Hope Public Charitable Trust. The COVID-19 pandemic disease has changed our lives for the foreseeable future, Fighting COVID-19 relies on us all. Please donate what you can to meet the surging needs for our elderly homeless and Special Children during this health crisis.

Let’s fight this pandemic disease together. Food is a necessity of life. And for the little stomachs at Hope Public Charitable Trust, it is all joy, goodness, and care. In tune with this, we all know that celebrating special occasions is a matter of great happiness for all of us. Then, why not use these extra-special days for an act of memorable charity and carry that memory in your heart forever?

 Be an amazing part of the home kids’ lives at Hope Public Charitable Trust, Chennai on your birthday/wedding days. Sponsor them for a full day at Rs. 8500/- and build a bond of humanity with them. Hunger of a child should be met with a kind plate of food and serving hands. For we have enough to give and those who give whole heartily bring out the best in their lives too!

CONTRIBUTE THROUGH_ PHONEPE: 9841330330 GPAY: 8668128926 FOR MORE DETAILS CALL 9961110043 9940357791 7358095515

OUR BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS:  Name of the Account HOPE PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST Current Ac./No: 33989918759 Name of the Bank: State Bank of India Branch: Ambattur, Chennai – 600053. IFSC No: SBIN0000987

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