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One of the most heart-rending aspects in human missing cases is the plight of relatives and friends beside themselves with anxiety and worry over the fate of the missing. PHILOMENA was living with her sister and family after her husband died. She got married when she was very young, but by the time she enjoys the warmth and care of her partner, he passed away in an accident. This made her more vulnerable and the oppression which she had to face as a widow made her mentally disturbed. The only intense support that she had is her own sister. Her sister and family supported and took care of her for about 20 years.
During the time of ‘Cyclone Nivar’ happened in Tamilnadu recently, Philomina, when came outside from her home lost her way and was sitting isolated in roadside. Afterwards she was rescued by the rescue team of Greater Chennai Corporation. In a first glance, she does not look like person with psycho social needs, but her deeply depressed face brought her to ‘Shelter for Women with Psycho-Social Needs’.
From the initial day itself, she was very silent and cooperative but she was extremely dispirited. The psychiatrist suggested few mild doses of medicines in order to cope up with her situation. Few days passed away to notice her smiling and mingling with co-residents. It was the first positive change notice in her. Moreover, she started talking to the staff and counselor. Few sittings of counseling made her say about her family and address.

With the help of Greater Chennai Corporation, the NGO gave a missing notice in the newspaper with a photo of Philomina. By this time she started to cooperate with us by doing activities like cutting vegetables, painting, making medical covers, etc. After noticing the newspaper, her sister and husband came to receive her. It was very joyous for the staff to see Philomina tearing out of ecstasy.

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