Vocational Training – A succor to lead life

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Vocational training gives any person a path for living. There are ample numbers of persons with  several disabilities who are unable to lead an independent life. To bring them in to the frontline  and normalize this category, training them with certain skills are important. This will lead in the  improvement of their Social competence. Taming them to lead a better life through vocational  training is the most humanistic thing. 

Hope Public Charitable Trust is providing several vocational training to Persons with different  Disabilities at Care & Protection Centre For The Adults, Aminjikarai. Residents there are now  experts in doing Candle Making, Instant Sambrani making, Phenyl making, etc. Apart from this  they are taught many craft skills and other recreational activities like drawing, painting, etc.  Immense change is seen among these residents after they have been training with several skills.  Some of them showed surprising transformation and they reached a level to lead a normal life.  

Correspondingly, Hope Public Charitable Trust has proposed a new project; Residential Home  and Vocational Training Centre for Intellectually Disabled Children, at Pattabhiram, where it is  planned to accommodate 350 children and provide them with various vocational skill training.  It comprehends, Mat Weaving, Organic farming (Cultivation of Vegetables), Tailoring, Jute Bag  making, Paper Bag making, Painting, etc..  

At Aminjikarai home, the residents have opened a shop and sell their handmade items, and find  a living like that. Similar initiative can be started after the establishment of this project too.  That will be a huge support to them and will help to streamline their identity with the normal  society.

Organic farming is a livelihood option and it improves the mental stability of persons and it is  also eco-friendly. So there are multifarious positive things for vocational training which will  shape the persons with multiple disabilities to lead a better life. 

In order to establish such provisions, help from various hands are required. Contributing will  spread smile in the world. Therefore, to complete 10,000sqft, contributing 1700 rupees to one  sqft would be a great help.  We are looking for Donations to improve our Service

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Hope orphanage Help The Children In Need We want to do more with your little help. By a little part of your help to protect and uplift mentally challenged children who are in need of care & protection


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