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Hope shelter

Hope Chennai is a shelter for children in crisis. We strive to provide a safe and loving home to children facing challenges as a result of abuse and neglect. At Hope Chennai Special school, we provide safe, stable homes where children can thrive and live to their full, God-given potential. While not always traditional. Hope Chennai is Orphanage in Chennai where children and families are equipped to succeed. We build on strengths, nurturing hopes and goals, and prepare all in our care to shape their own futures.

Providing healthy, organic, nutritious meals is an essential part of the mission at Hope chennai. We believe the benefits yielded by a nutritious diet are all the more important to children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, as they have not reaped the benefits of having a healthy, rounded diet for their entire lives. We seek helping hands to serve the kids better for there growing future. Sponsor a child and help us to serve them.

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