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There are some people who wake up positive and happy during heavy rainy climates because they have a safe house to stay, but there are some people whose nights and days are scary because they don’t have a strong and safe shelter to stay under. This class suffered a lot during the COVID – 19 pandemic situation and still, they face the egregious situation as the cyclone is hitting the main cities of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.

Everyone deserves to be protected and provided with food and shelter. Reaching out to them and ensuring proper distribution of amenities is not an easy task and for that there are so many kind-hearted people who step down to help the needy people. The rescue team under TN government as well as under various charity organization are ready to sacrifice their lives to help the poor. And what common people can do is supporting them with resources or provisions like food, water, clothes, sanitary items, masks, etc so that everyone will be reached out with basic things.

Women and children being the vulnerable sector need to be taken care of. Pregnant ladies should be given more attention who have to be provided with nutritious food; same as children. Persons with Disabilities need to be given special treatment during this time. There are various Shelter homes that run out of food and water since they are not able to come and collect food. Various teams are trying to reach out to them.

Please call the helpline numbers if you want to donate a hand to the needy vulnerable

Hope Public Charitable Trust helpline number: 9962110043, 8939833865

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