Make a Contribution for needy

There are several significant ways in which you can help:

To sponsor a child for clothing, education, hospitalization costing depending on the age group and academic class/grade.

To provide uniform, books, notebooks, educational requirements are during the opening of the school in the month of June. The estimated cost of this project varies from the class in which a boy or girl is studying. Donor can donate any amount at their will for this project.

Festivals like Deepavali, Pongal, Ramzan, Bakrit, Christmas, and are all celebrated in the Ashram, without any communal disparity. Donors can contribute at their will for providing new cloths, crackers etc. to spend these functions with Happy and joy.

You can contribute endowment for sponsoring a child, senior citizens, providing books and notebooks, award for outstanding and meritorious children, for Deepavali, Christmas, Ramzan and other religious functions. There are even schemes that provide feast on a particular day of a year.

Donors can always contribute any amount as general donation, which will be credited to the corpus account and will be used for the maintenance of the ashram kids. .

In the process, we are looking for donations from donors so that it can definitely make a positive difference in reaching our goal. In our Home many children’s are leading lives. They need basic facilities like Food, Cloths etc…

Donators can donate in following ways:

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