You Can Help Orphans During COVID-19

In assessing the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on certain communities in India, most of us have forgotten about vulnerable children placed in shelter homes across the country. Hope chennai, a chennai based non-profit is raising funds to help support nearly 200 orphans in need. How can we help?

Can you imagine sensing uncertainty and panic around you, but not being able to look to your family and loved ones for comfort? Can you imagine not knowing when you will get your next meal, and having no control over it? Can you imagine being entirely dependent on the generosity of the community you live in, only to find that community go amiss when you need it the most?

Mainstream conversations about the humanitarian crisis that the COVID-19 lockdown has triggered largely forgot about the children who are without of any form of support. The worst off are those who are outside the care and protection of families, i.e., children who rely entirely on the community. Most of these Institutions rely on regular or one-time donors, and the COVID lockdown has taken away both these sets

We seek for donation to fight the situation.

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