Fulfill your passion for improving the lives of others

In India, 23.6 million children live without parental care, that is, they lack the overnight care of at least one of their parents. These children, who have been temporarily or permanently separated from their biological families, need protection in the form of quality alternative care. The grave reality is that only 1.4% receives any sort of formal alternative care.

As a result, many of the children end up living in orphanages. The orphanages are doing a noble deed of providing them with shelter, food, clothes, and education, but they are often in shortage of staff.

As a volunteer, you’ll be helping the children in tuition, because the schools often lack trained teachers. Besides educational support, volunteers can also facilitate extracurricular activities and bring about a positive and fresh energy within the orphanages.

Your care and sponsor will motivate the orphans to believe that there is a better future out there for them, and work towards it. Experience the unique Indian culture while putting a smile on the faces of the children!

Your chance to make an impact by helping the less fortunate through love & care while on a life changing adventure. Fulfill your passion for improving the lives of others & make a difference for entire communities

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